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Katharyn began doing stand up comedy in New York City where she worked her way to regularly hosting and performing nightly at comedy clubs, backyards, and basements throughout the five boroughs.  Currently based in London, Katharyn MC's and performs regularly at several of the top clubs throughout the city. Outside of stand up, Katharyn co-hosts the podcast "This American Irish Life" with husband and fellow comedian Mark O'Keeffe.

Katharyn has performed all over the world and is a festival veteran with multiple international fringe festivals under her belt. She has received excellent critical review (without using an agent or PR 😜) for both her performances and her hour "Ew Girl, you Nasty." Kate Copstick of The Scotsman exclaimed, “This show is a blast!" while The Skinny and Fringefeed in Australia gave her ★★★★ and ★★★★1/2. Pop Dust noted most accurately that "You won't see many comics like Henson at the Fringe or anywhere else." Prior to moving to the UK, Katharyn hosted a show in the New York Comedy Festival three years running and formerly produced two weekly shows in New York City which she headlined. In 2023 she was selected as the sole comedian in PUMA’s Who’s Who of Contemporary Culture – London’s second edition.

Katharyn will be performing again at PERTH FRINGE WORLD. Adelaide Fringe in a split bill show with her husband called "Married At First Fight" and again at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2024.

Blurry Lights

"This is hair-raising stand-up of the kind that used to be the exclusive territory of the Bad Boy Comics. 

And this woman is kicking some serious comedy ass in their playground."

-Kate Copstick



☆☆☆☆ 1/2

 "Very funny"

katharyn henson 7.JPG


 "Plenty of laughs to be had"


"Brilliant comic observation after brilliant comic observation"

"You won't see many comics like Henson at the Fringe
or anywhere else"








Katharyn Henson (@ewgirlyounasty) from NYC and Mark O'Keeffe (@marksok) from Ireland, banged on the last night of the Edinburgh Fringe August 2019, got married during Coronavirus in Australia, and gave birth to a podcast.

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